On Line Back Up

Backup Your DataOnline is a new online, cost effective backup service.

It's simple, secure and reliable, and you can have automatic offsite protection for your data within minutes. Just log on to our automated website to begin this service at wwwbackupyourdataonline.co.uk

How does it work?

The files you choose to backup are automatically encrypted using a 448 bit military grade encryption which is far superior even to many of the encryption technologies used in the banking industries.

Your files are then sent online using your internet connection to our three secure data storage centres. This whole process is made even more secure by using additional user passwords and Blowfish technology, preventing any unauthorised access.

Our three secure data storage centres then backup the data between themselves as well, to ensure that in case of any emergency or disaster, your files will always be able to be retrieved.

Should you need to retrieve your files it is as simple as clicking the 'Restore' button. You can do this anywhere you have a computer with the online backup software installed and with an active internet connection. Should you need to install the backup software on a fresh or different machine the process takes no longer than a very few minutes and is most straightforward.

Please see our backup site at backupyourdataonline.co.uk for more details or call us on 0845 47 45 768 or click here.